Exam Review Behavioral Economics

On September 11, 2017 from 10-12 am students will have the opportunity to review the exam in „Behavioral Economics“ in Room 5.120.

If you intend to review your exam, you are required to register beforehand via email (

Please note the following few points:

  • For confidentiality reasons only one student at a time will be allowed to review his or her exam. Therefore, you should expect a certain waiting period.
  • Every student is only allowed to review his or her own exam. In case you want someone else to review your exam, please inform us beforehand and provide this person with a letter of authorization stating the person’s full name as well as your full name and matriculation number. The person will be required to prove his or her identity by use of a photo ID.
  • In the exam review we are NOT going to give a detailed explanation of the solution.