Michael Seebauer

Dr. Michael Seebauer

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Curriculum Vitae


Research interests:

  • Experimental Economics
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Voting and Political Institutions
  • Social Preferences


Publikations and Working Papers:

  • The Curse of Uniformed Voting: An Experimental Study (with Jens Großer). Games and Economic Behavior 97, 205-226
  • Reputation Formation in Economic Transactions (with Martin Abraham, Christina Neeß, and Veronika Grimm). Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 121, 1-14.
  • An Experimental Study on Corporate Social Responsibility through Charitable Giving in Bertrand Markets (with Robert Feicht and Veronika Grimm). Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 124, Special Issue on taxation, social norms, and compliance, 88-101.
  • Does Direct Democracy Foster Efficient Policies? An Experimental Investigation of Costly Initiatives, IWQW Discussion Paper Series 01/2015


Work in Progress:

  • Reputation Formation with Competitive Agents (with Martin Abraham, Chrisitina Neeß, and Veronika Grimm)
  • Neuronal Reactions to Fair Allocations and Fair Procedures (with Veronika Grimm, Erich Kirchler, Christoph Kogler, Claus Lamm, and Friederike Mengel)
  • Acceptance of Biotechnological Innovations – A Survey Experiment with Different Sources of Information (with Veronika Grimm and Uwe Sonnewald)
  • Bargainging over Waiting Time in Gain- and Loss-Framed Ultimatum Games (with Monika Doll and Maren Tonn)
  • The role of reciprocity in the creation of reputation (with Martin Abraham, Christina Neeß, and Veronika Grimm)
  • Lying to help others – Upcoding in health systems (with Lucas Hafner and Simon Reif)
  • Acceptance of the reform of pricing in the public transportation system of Nuremberg (with Ramona Christ)


Tasks at the chair: