Advertisement: Master thesis in cooperation with GfK

GfK Verein advertises a position for writing a master thesis on the subject of “Passive Measurement in the Supermarket: Path Analysis and Shelf Interaction”. The start of the master thesis is supposed to be between 1st August and 1st September, 2017. The position comes with a monthly salary of € 500. For further information please see here and here. Unfortunately, the official posting is in German. If you are interested, but have difficulties understanding the information provided in German, feel free to contact Benjamin Buschmann.

Depending on the student’s final choice of topic the Chair of Economic Theory offers to supervise this master thesis.

General Information

Suggestions and Requirements

To write a thesis at our chair, you should have an interest in microeconomic problems combined with good knowledge in English and sufficient math skills. Our chair provides a wide range of topics for a thesis, e.g. in the areas of behavioral and experimental economics, micro theory or electricity and gas markets (see also the lists of currently offered topics and titles of completed theses below). All offered topics are generally applicable for bachelor and master theses.

Furthermore you need to have passed classes worth at least 10 ECTS at our chair with an average grade 3.0 or better. For Bachelor students this means you need to have passed one additional class at our chair besides Microeconomics, while Master students need at least one additional completed course besides Game Theory.

Contact person for theses at our chair is Michael Seebauer.


Procedure to apply for a thesis:

  1. Make sure that you fulfill the above listed requirements to write your thesis at our chair.
  2. Write an email to the contact person stating your interest to write a thesis at our chair. In this email include up to three topics from the list below or suggest additional topics. Clearly state that you fulfill the requirements and declare all classes you took at our chair and your received grades. (There is no deadline. It is possible to apply at every time.)
  3. You will usually receive an invitation to a personal meeting within a week. At this meeting we discuss potential topics, timelines and answer your open questions.


All offered bachelor and master theses can be written in English. Master students are generally expected to write their thesis in English.

Guidelines for the preparation of term papers and bachelor/master theses



This is our list with currently offered topics and already processed topics.