Policy reports & consulting

  • Regionalkomponenten bei der EE-Vergütung. Report for the Monopolies Commission for the preparation of the 77th special report Energie2017. V. Grimm, G. Zöttl, and C. Sölch (2017) Report (German), Special report Energie2017
  • Dezentralität und Zellulare Optimierung – Auswirkungen auf den Netzausbaubedarf. Report for the N-Ergie AG, V. Grimm, G. Zöttl, M. Ambrosius, B. Rückel, C. Sölch, and Prognos AG (2016) Report (German): Short version, Long version
  • Regionale Preiskomponenten im Strommarkt. Report for the Monopolies Commission for the preparation of the 71st special report Energie2015. V. Grimm, G. Zöttl, B. Rückel, and C. Sölch (2015) Report (German), Special report Energie2015
  • Increasing Investment in Germany. Report prepared by the expert commission on behalf of the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, Berlin. Commission: Fratzscher, M. (Chair) , S. Articus, F. Bsirske, R. Feiger, L. P. Feld, J. Fitschen, V. Grimm, R. Hoffmann, H. Jung, M. Kerber, W. Lemb, F.-J. Lersch-Mense, H.-H. Loewenstein , T. Mayer, T. Oletzky, S. Russwurm, M. Schnitzer, U. Schröder, H. Schwager, E. Schweitzer, M. Vassiliadis, T. R. Böger, F. Nauschnigg, T. Posselt, A. Bender, W. Eckart, S. Eide, D. Homann, A. Lieber, L. Schuknecht, B. Alm, R. L ́Hoest, M. Meurers, U. Neuhäußer, P. Steinberg, S. Weins, J. Zettelmeyer, M. Gornig, C. Michelsen, B. Pagel, and A. Schiersch (2015) Report
  • Report to the Ministry of Economics of Schleswig Holstein on the planned Tenders for Photovoltaik Capacity in Germany (2014)
  • Tendering for outpatient generic medicines in Europe V. Grimm and ESMT Competition Analysis GmbH, Berlin (2010)
  • Electricity Market Design – The Pricing Mechanism of the Day Ahead Electricity Spot Market Auction on the EEX , Cologne. A. Ockenfels, V. Grimm, and G. Zöttl (2008) Report
  • BWA (“WiMax”) auction 2006 (consulting of a potential bidder), V. Grimm and A. Ockenfels (2006)
  • UMTS auction 2000 (bid preparation for Vodafone), V. Grimm, F. Riedel, and E. Wolfstetter (2000)
  • GSM auction 1999 (bid preparation for Mannesmann Mobilfunk), V. Grimm, F. Riedel, and E. Wolfstetter (1999)