Graduate program EBE

Bavaria’s elite network promotes, beginning in 2013, the newly funded international graduate program “Evidence Based Economics” for a duration of (at first) 4 years. The cluster, led by the Munich-based Ludwig-Maximilian-University, engages the Universities of Regensburg, Würzburg, as well as the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg. During the first period of promotion in 2013-2017, the graduate program will procure € 2.2 Mio., offering 10 Ph.D. positions and covering additional material expenses.

Scientific initiator of the international graduate program is Prof. Dr. Veronika Grimm. Within the cooperating universities, scientists involved include Profs. Dres.  Davide Cantoni, Martin Kocher, Klaus Schmidt, Joachim Winter, Florian Englmaier, Uwe Sunde and Andreas Roider.

The international graduate program “Evidence Based Economics” (EBE) pursues two main objectives. First, the graduate program will procure the Ph.D. students with the methodological means to carry out innovative and high-end research in economics. Second, the program will enable students to apply their knowledge to important real-world problems. The graduate program will procure an environment attractive to both foreign and German students. Based on existing cooperation, students will be granted access to a large number of contacts and research centers worldwide.

You can find the advertisement of the doctoral scholarships here.

For further information see the website of the graduate program.