Yuval Ofek-Shanny, Ph.D.

Yuval Ofek-Shanny, Ph.D.
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  • Verhaltens- und Experimentalökonomik
  • Bildungsökonomik
  • Empirische Industrieorganisation
  • Lehre der Wirtschaftswissenschaften
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Laufende Projekte
  • Causal Effects of Subsidized In-Home Care on Mortality and Adult Children’s Labor Supply (Joint with Avner Shlain and Dan Zeltzer)
  • Personality Traits and Low-Stakes Tests ​(Joint with Katharina Adler, David Hardt, Markus Nagler and Johannes Rincke)
  • Inconsistency and Authenticity in Job applications (Joint with Edmund Baker and Veronika Grimm)
  • Fairness Views in Israel, Preferences for Redistribution of Income from Luck, Work, and Inheritance (Joint with Rachel Cohen and Amnon Malz)
  • Gender Differences in Information Acquisition on Decision Making Committees (Joint with Michael Seebauer)