Benjamin Buschmann

Benjamin Buschmann, M.Sc.
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  • Behavioral Economics
  • Decision Theory
  • Experimental Economics
  • Applied Game Theory
  • Übung Behavioral Economics (Master)
  • Seminar Behavioral Economics (Master)
  • Wirtschaftstheoretisches Seminar (Bachelor & Master)
Work in Progress
  • Lab rats are selfish: The effect of across-experimental experience on social preferences (mit Martin Kocher und Florian Lindner)
  • On gender-specific behavior in collective bargaining (mit Veronika Grimm, Holger A. Rau und Gesine Stephan)
  • Unwanted or unwilling? Exploring the gender gap in leadership (mit Veronika Grimm und Gesine Stephan)
  • Protest voting in democratic elections: Channelling rage and rationale (single-authored)